Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New year

Hi all - I'm still here, and following you all but will probably be quiet in terms of posts.  We've decided to take a few months off, but haven't close the door completely to more treatments.  I'm very curious to see how my body deals with an unmedicated cycle (or cycles).  CD33 and nothing happening.  I've been half-heartedly using OPKs, but I bought the cheap ones - and I always struggle to read them. I *may* have ovulated around Jan 1, or I may still be waiting.  who knows.... 
I made a triumphant return to the gym yesterday so I'll be working to make that a habit again.  I mostly maintained my weight through all of this, but feel like a big pile of mush. I also know that a little exercise goes a long way for my mental state, which is more important than the scale. 
My brain knows that it's very very unlikely that I'll get pregnant on my own (or even with medical intervention), but in my heart there is this little tiny spark that hopes that maybe I'll get pregnant if I "just relax".... that can happen, right?
I'm also working to make some changes in my diet -- I want to do some research to see what could be best.  No dairy? Gluten-free?  Vegan?  High protein?   Does anyone out there have suggestions?