Monday, May 21, 2012

A quick update

Since I'm supposed to be working, I'll go with a few quick bullets.  I'm hoping the few of you that may be left won't mind!
  • Started weekly acupuncture again.  I LOVE it. How I wish it wasn't so freaking expensive. 
  • Signed up for a 14 day juice cleanse (not as restrictive as it sounds, I'll be eating plenty of real food but sticking to veggies, fruits, etc.  Basically eating VERY cleanly - no animal protein, sugar, caffeine, gluten or dairy.  I love me some carbs, but I also have always had this suspicion that cleaning up my diet could help. Even just to bring back some balance to the way I look and feel, and hopefully clear up my skin.  This seems like a good jump start to change my habits.  I could have signed up for 21 days, but that's leading into my anniversary and we're thinking that we might go wild and actually celebrate this year. 
  • Had my initial blood work and u/s to get insurance approvals for IVF#4.  All set on that end, so now I'm just waiting on CD1.   I had to take progesterone to bring on my last period to get that testing done.  I went in for blood work today to see where I am at my cycle in terms of ovulating - CD25ish.  I expected to hear that I had not ovulated and would need to decide to wait it out or take more meds. Imagine my surprise when the nurse called back with the results and i'm actually having an LH surge.  So who knows -- we'll try for a miracle.  That would be absolutely amazing.  I know there is very little hope, but there is a tiny piece of me that feels like we would have a chance.
  • So, um a 14 day cleanse on top of a 2ww and two MAJOR projects at work.  This will either be the most relaxed cycle because I won't be able to focus on it - or it will be a disaster because I will be a giant mess.   Stay with me while we find out, won't you?