Friday, April 6, 2012

Getting back in the game....

Why, hello there - if anyone is actually reading.   Dusting off the old blog as we prepare for our next phase.  We have an appt with our RE on Monday to see what he suggests as our next option.  Last time he mentioned that IVF was probably off the table and we should try IVM.   I'm not sure if I'll still qualify as I'll be 35 this summer.  (Yikes! How did that happen??)
Once we know what he recommends, we'll have to really sit down and map out what we are or aren't will to do -- more treatments, donor eggs, adoption, child-free....  I can see the positive and negative in every single one of those options.
We shall see....My cycles have not cooperated with a lack of medication (except for the trusty metformin).  Since Dec 8th, I had one 77 day cycle and now I'm on CD 44 with no end in sight.  I'm sure I'll get bloodwork on Monday so I'm curious to know if I've ovulated. 
The last few months have brought lots of BFPs and babies to my blog roll -- I'm genuinely happy for all of you who have made it to the other side, but I still can't help wonder if it will ever be my turn. 

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