Friday, July 13, 2012


11 eggs retrieved yesterday.  I was disappointed, but my doctor was happy with it.  We did lower doses of medication for a reason - so the lower count does make sense. I didn't have the "I'm going to explode" feeling that I normally do leading up to retrieval.  This cycle has been different.   I'll get the fert report later today, and we are shooting for a day 3 transfer on Sunday.   The retrieval itself was fine.  There was some trouble with the IV, but once the anaesthesiologist took over from the nurse, things improved. I can tell that I'm in for some serious bruising though.
I know that I haven't been very good about blogging lately, but I haven't felt like there is anything new to share.  It's the same old story.  I'm just hoping that I get a different ending, but I honestly can't picture it.  


  1. I'm staying positive for you. I hope for an excellent fert report. Get some rest :)

  2. I know it can be so hard to get your hopes up after having been through so much. Hoping you had a transfer today and that all is looking well, and that your well deserved good fortune finds you very soon.

  3. Hey hun, don't be disappointed, I just had my er on the 10th and they only got 6 out of which 4 were fertilized and 3 transfered. So 11 is a really good number! I'm currently 5dp2dt bfp this morning, bfn this afternoon so I guess the trigger is out....but feeling like I might be out too...
    How did the transfer go? Best of luck!