Monday, July 2, 2012

Zero to sixty

IVF #4 is underway.  AF finally showed up the same day my doctor called in prescription,  more than a month after my last bw showed I was about to ovulate.  We were up against a tight window of time, since my clinic shuts down for two weeks in late July/early August AND there was a chance I was going to be out of town for day 2 and 3. Crisis averted.
I'm on Day 4 of stims, no lu.pron, no bc pills (yaaa!).   It's a crazy, crazy time at work but I'm trying to keep my stress level down.  I'm putting myself first this cycle and will probably take more time off around transfer than I normally do.  It could be our last chance and I don't want to have any regrets or worries that I could have done something differently to make it a success.
I've also applied for a new job - I've been with my current company for thirteen years and I feel like it is time to move on. I've also put the rest of my life on hold the last three years, and I'm realizing now how unhappy I've let myself become.  Time to snap out of it.    I don't expect the hiring process at this new place will go very quickly, so I should be able to get through this cycle before any intereviews, etc. For now it's enough to know that my resume is up to date and submitted, and I'm under consideration.  I"m not even going to let myself think about what would happen if this cycle worked AND I got the new job.  With my history, I don't think I'll believe we'll end up with a baby until he or she is home and in my arms.
So, that's that.  Follis.tim at a lower starting dose (150iu) and my first u/s + bw tomorrow morning. Acupuncture this afternoon.  The funny thing is that even though it's only Day 4 and my doses are lower, I feel like I have more side effects than usual.  It's always something, I guess.

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